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What Makes Pro Teck the Best Residential Real Estate Valuation Company?

In today’s business climate, successful real estate valuation companies need to do more than just deliver reports, they must understand and navigate a far more complex world as state and federal regulatory requirements continue to proliferate. They must be your trusted partner by managing risk throughout the valuation processes.

Pro Teck sets the standard for accurate, timely and actionable real estate data. Every day, all over the nation we help lenders, services and investors confidently manage the risk associated with real estate valuation through regulatory, process and production transparency.

  • Regulatory Transparency

  • Process Transparency

  • Production Transparency

Compliance and Oversight

More important today than at any time in our industry

Inflated appraisals and unspecified collateral due diligence requirements had a significant contribution to the housing crisis. Loose regulation and control along with a belief that home values would keep rising led to the largest housing bubble and subsequent crash in US history, devastating many homeowners and investors. The industry, through outside regulators and its own self-regulation, has come a long way since then.

Pro Teck keeps a keen eye on state and Federal regulations and compliance. We have helped shape regulation and have passed scores of regulatory audits.  We are ready, is your provider?


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Industry Leadership in Regulatory Compliance

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Jeff Dickstein is on the Board of Trustees

The Appraisal Foundation | Board of Trustees

Jeff Dickstein is on the Board of Trustees

Pro Teck is a founding member of REVAA and Jeff Dickstein is on the Board of Directors.

Real Estate Valuation Advocacy Association

Pro Teck is a founding member of REVAA and Jeff Dickstein is on the Board of Directors.

Jeff Dickstein is on the Government Affairs Committee

National Association of Real Estate Appraisers

Jeff Dickstein is on the Government Affairs Committee

Mortgage Bankers Association | Corporate Member

Collateral Risk Network | Corporate Member

Association of Appraisal Regulatory Officials | Corporate Member

Quality control is at the core of our customer promise

Pro Teck has an extensive, documented quality control process that seamlessly integrates both automated and human review to provide the best possible product. Pro Teck’s appraisal QC, Intelligent Quality Control, is the solution to enhance appraisal quality by giving appraisers and review staff the data, tools and workflows needed to address issues before an appraisal is submitted.

Review Process

Review Process

  • A multi-step process that begins with a customized automated review filter based on product, best practices, industry guidelines and client requirements.
  • Appraiser or Broker is provided with real time feedback of both stop level errors and warnings where commentary must be provided.
  • Reports that pass the review filter are then processed by a Pro Teck reviewer who has been specifically trained and certified for the specific product being reviewed, ensuring the report, photos and other attachments meet guidelines and pass a standardized review checklist.
  • Reviews can be escalated or returned to panel member to address specific concerns. Once the report passes auto and manual review successfully a quality score is assigned to the report and used in the panel members scorecard and eligibility for future work.
  • To learn more about our appraisal QC, Intelligent Quality Control, click here.

Review Staff Monitoring

  • All Pro Teck reviewers are internally audited on a random 5% to 10% sampling and are subject to ProTeck/Industry quality standards and guidelines as well as client review requirements.
  • Weekly and Monthly Audits are conducted for adherence to best practices, industry guidelines and client requirements. Issues and Trends are identified and used for one-to-one mentoring of staff and panel members as well as ongoing training and communications.
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Single Point of Contact

Pro Teck employs client-specific services teams with a single point of contact in all its client relationships.

When you call your valuation provider you want to feel like you are calling a team member. There’s nothing worse than being passed from one customer services representative to another, where no one knows your name or your specific business.

Pro Teck builds its teams around you, the client. You will have a single point of contact that will own the relationship within Pro Teck and be responsible for your business.

Accountability and a single point of contact — we like it too.



Joint monthly reviews with the client and Pro Teck teams are an integral part of the client management process; addressing current performance standards as well as identification of opportunities for improvement. Customized client scorecards are delivered and discussed on a monthly basis (at the minimum).

A typical scorecard report includes detailed reporting of:

  • Agreed upon SLAs
  • Returns and Disputes
  • Milestones

Client Services

The Client Relations team is not a call center; they are dedicated to specific clients, resulting in strong relationships and a deep understanding of the client’s needs and objectives. Client Relation teams are responsible for the oversight of the individual transactions and coordinating directly with your dedicated Client Manager to meet delivery expectations and expedited issue resolution. Executive level representation and access is direct: The Client Manager reports to the Executive Vice President of Client Relations, who in turn reports directly to the CEO.

Pro Teck promotes and supports a direct relationship between our Executives and the appropriate client contacts. We strive to be a true partner in your business.

Vendor Network

Any valuation company is only as good as the people doing its field work. Pro Teck has a large, mature national network to meet your needs.

Qualification as a Pro Teck Broker or Appraiser starts with a comprehensive approval process. We take the time to fully vet, train and mentor our Appraiser and Broker partners. We understand quality starts with our panel members and the time we invest in their success is key to our performance and reputation as an established quality leader.

Maintenance of Approved Vendor Panel

Pro Teck conducts continuous audits of vendors for compliance with documentation requirements and quality standards. The results ensure our clients are not put at risk and we are providing the mentoring, communication and training necessary to maintain quality.

Audits include:

  • website review (for appraisers)
  • Active license
  • Insurance verification
  • Review of recent work

Vendor Scoring/Order Assignment Matrix

Pro Teck uses a comprehensive rating system to maintain updated scores on each real estate professional in our national network. Our system creates a competitive environment while ensuring the most competent partners are handling your work.

Score criteria includes:

  • Proximity
  • Quality
  • Turn time
  • Capacity
  • Case load
  • Responsiveness

Every report receives a quality score based on our rules sets and manual review. Quality is the most heavily weighted part of the appraiser/broker partner scorecard. The score, which also considers experience, qualifications, proximity, capacity and turn time, ensures orders will only be place with competent top performers.

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