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Valuation Intelligence Delivered

A data and analytics provider will tell you their models provide the best residential real estate values and market information. A traditional AMC or BPO shop will say that nothing can surpass the expertise and insights of a local appraiser or broker. Which is correct?

At Pro Teck, we believe both are, and are made stronger when working together. We have built a way of doing business that bridges the best of market data and human insight. Our platform, Valuation Intelligence, uses robust market data and analytics to assist our appraiser and broker partners, inform our internal QC operations and add report transparency for our clients.

The best of market data and human insight – it’s what the industry needs, and Pro Teck delivers.

  • Market Data & Analytics

  • Human Insight

  • Dedicated Expertise

Market Data & Analytics

Increased accuracy and transparency, through integrated data and analytics, will always result in superior valuations. Pro Teck’s Integrated Market Data (IMD) tool is designed to reduce errors, improve efficiency and deliver top-quality and dependable valuations. IMD enables our valuation partners to provide superior analysis and ensures you receive well supported and accurate results faster.

To further ensure accuracy and save you valuable time, Intelligent Quality Control (IQC) is a fail-safe solution to enhance report quality by giving appraisers, brokers and review staff the data, tools and workflows needed to address issues before a report is submitted. When you prevent errors before submission, the results are higher report quality, fewer disputes and shorter turn-times.

Human Insight

Valuation intelligence paired with human insight and expertise is our recipe for fast, accurate reports that our clients can depend on. Our resource? The 40,000 Pro Teck appraiser and broker partners who are experts in the field, outfitted with the best tools to do their jobs.

  • Integrated Market Data (IMD) and Intelligent Quality Control (IQC) assist our partners in vetting information before a report is delivered, reducing costly revision cycles and ensuring accurate results.
  • The same tools, including market graphs that deliver insight into local market conditions, are used by our own review team to confirm the validity of reports.
  • Your reports are delivered with an Intelligent QC Summary Report or local market trend graphs, giving you transparency into the value and market.

Dedicated Expertise

Pro Teck is your partner throughout the valuation process – managing risk and getting the accurate information you need in a timely manner. For more than forty years we have been honing our skills and evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. We call it “dedicated expertise,” you might call it:

  • Proactive compliance and regulatory oversite. A number of regulatory changes have come to the industry – are you sure you and/or your providers are compliant?  Pro Teck has the processes, procedures and documentation to satisfy any regulatory audit. Learn more here.
  • Personalized client service. No call center confusion – Pro Teck builds its client teams around you, with a single point of contact that owns the relationship.
  • Customized information delivery. Pro Teck’s Valuation Intelligence platform has a highly customizable statusing system that lets you decide how you want to receive information: text, email, automated call, client portal and more. And at Pro Teck you can also always call or email your dedicated client support team.