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Why Pro Teck

Transparency That Brings it All Into Focus

Since 1977 Pro Teck’s mission has been to provide customers with the most accurate and timely real estate information possible through a transparent process that meets all of our industry’s requirements in a complex regulatory environment.

Regulatory Transparency

Pro Teck is responding to today’s regulatory environment and planning for future change. We understand that regulatory compliance is one of your biggest challenges. We will do our part to keep you compliant and competitive in a complex world.

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Process Transparency

Pro Teck has full documentation of all processes, including quality control, vendor grading and selection, disaster recovery and IT security to name a few. We take comfort in having all mission-critical processes documented, don’t you?

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Production Transparency

The most important thing is that your report meets quality expectations and is delivered when expected. We learned long ago that having a dedicated Pro Teck point-of-contact giving you a transparent view into the organization is the key to a productive partnership.

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Your Valuation Partner

Pro Teck takes the mystery out of real estate valuation by providing the most accurate, compliant and reliable process supported by a single point-of-contact guiding your business through our organization. That’s transparency. That’s the Pro Teck Advantage.

VALIDITY Guided Homeowner Inspection

Learn how VALIDITY promotes social distancing and how it can be utilized with a number of Pro Teck products.


Offering full AMC services and an array of due diligence solutions

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Capital Markets

Collateral valuation and due diligence to support loan pool purchase, sale and securitization

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