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Pro Teck VI Direct Platform

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Simply Smarter

The Pro Teck Valuation Intelligence (VI) Direct Platform enables lenders to manage the entire appraisal process in-house, with minimal overhead or staffing.

VI Direct is a state of the art cloud-based software solution for lenders to directly engage appraisers on their behalf, incorporating all the necessary aspects of appraiser assignment, tracking, QC and payment processing all in one efficient and intuitive platform. VI Direct seamlessly integrates with leading loan origination systems (LOS) to achieve increased efficiencies, superior quality and effortless collaboration between the lender, appraiser and customer.

Pro Teck VI Direct is the next generation valuation platform.

Working in today’s fast-paced lending environment, lenders want a valuation fulfillment platform that is easy to use, intuitively designed and efficiently produces quality appraisal reports – VI Direct delivers. Also, VI Direct can effortlessly handle your appraisal payment processing, freeing your team up to focus on other tasks.

Pro Teck’s VI Direct. Simple, Smart and Compliant

  • Intuitive design automates processes and minimizes “clicks” for most common tasks.
  • Automates tracking of appraisal and pushes status updates to your staff
  • Complete borrower payment processing and appraiser payment – No accounting hassles or costs for you, the lender.
  • Integrated with Encompass, PCLender and other major LOSs.
  • Intelligent Quality Control, leading to more one-touch appraisals.
  • Daily Panel Appraiser License and FHA Roster confirmation.
  • Flexible assignment logic, with assignments going to panel within seconds of order creation via Text/SMS, Email and Appraiser Dashboard view.
  • Automated appraiser service & quality score.
  • Compliant Roles and Permissions setting for staff, allowing LOs to create an order but have no oversight of appraiser selection or communication.
  • TRID Compliant – Loan Estimate (LE) and Intent to Proceed tracking.
  • Integrated Borrower Delivery of Completed Appraisal in compliance with ECOA with documentation of eDelivery and download.
  • Automated UCDP/EAD Appraisal Delivery and document retrieval.

Contract Appraisal QC Review Services

VI Direct clients have the option of adding Contract Appraisal QC Review Services. QC Review provides the benefits of an AMC by having licensed and certified appraisers employed by Pro Teck review the files submitted by your panel of appraisers, offering the expertise of an “in-house” appraisal review staff without the overhead.

With this service, appraisal reports are reviewed for compliance with lender guidelines and Government Sponsored Enterprise (GSE), Fair Housing Act (FHA) and Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) requirements. Not only are the appraisals reviewed, but should conditions or corrections be necessary, these are seamlessly resolved by our staff once the appraisal is resubmitted to the VI Direct Platform.

Our review appraisal services pass the stringent requirements of the nation’s largest originators – let Pro Teck put that experience to work for you. Contact us today to learn how Pro Teck and VI Direct can help you succeed.