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Valuation Blog 12.22.2011
Supply, Demand and Home Prices, Monthly Market Update – December 2011

It has become apparent to many observers that home prices in much of the country have bottomed out.  In fact, most markets hit their low in early 2009.  At the same time there is almost universal consensus that it will be many years before there is any significant increase in prices.  While we agree that home prices will only exhibit moderate increases over the next several years, we believe that potential is building for more significant increases after that.

The housing markets are driven by basic supply and demand factors, just like any other market.  In the case of housing, the most basic measures are the number of new housing units (supply) and the number of new households (demand).   While the recent recession has slowed the rate of new household formation, its negative impact on new home construction has been more severe, causing housing starts to be at the lowest levels in fifty years.  This is setting up a classic imbalance between supply and demand – potentially resulting in stronger home price pressures than currently being expected when the housing market recovers.

To see the interaction between home prices, supply and demand we created an indicator by overlaying the annual number of new single family/condominium housing units on the number of new households.

To see the graphs and read the entire update, please visit Home Value Forecast.

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