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VALIDITY Guided Homeowner Inspection

Learn how Pro Teck is taking aggressive steps to protect the health and safety of our employees, appraisers and borrowers.
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VALIDITY provides a home inspection option during unsettled times

A guided homeowner inspection solution

VALIDITY is available if a traditional inspection by the appraiser is not feasible. It provides all of the information needed for an appraiser to safely complete the appraisal.


The homeowner is sent a secure link that launches a step-by-step questionnaire prompting them to take all needed photos, provide commentary and upload other pertinent information.


Designed by our Chief Appraiser and Chief Compliance Officer, the VALIDITY questionnaire provides all the background, context and photos an appraiser needs.


VALIDITY collects photo metadata including location and date, which ensures that the photos are of the correct property. The homeowner also must attest to the accuracy of the data provided.

Are home inspection delays and cancellations affecting the delivery of valuation reports?

VALIDITY provides the needed information while ensuring social distancing.

We are always searching for creative solutions to support the critical role of housing finance during these uncertain economic times.

Pro Teck has been meeting with key stakeholders and putting alternative programs like VALIDITY in place to provide viable, compliant solutions that address these challenges.

If you are seeing home inspection delays and cancellations impacting the delivery of real estate valuation reports, contact Pro Teck to learn more about VALIDITY.

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