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VALIDITY Guided Homeowner Inspection

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VALIDITY provides a home inspection option during unsettled times

A guided homeowner inspection solution

VALIDITY is available if a traditional inspection by the appraiser is not feasible. It provides all of the information needed for an appraiser to safely complete the appraisal.


The homeowner is sent a secure link that launches a step-by-step questionnaire prompting them to take all needed photos, provide commentary and upload other pertinent information.


Designed by our Chief Appraiser and Chief Compliance Officer, the VALIDITY questionnaire provides all the background, context and photos an appraiser needs.


VALIDITY collects photo metadata including location and date, which ensures that the photos are of the correct property. The homeowner also must attest to the accuracy of the data provided.

Are home inspection delays and cancellations affecting the delivery of valuation reports?

VALIDITY provides the needed information while ensuring social distancing.

We are always searching for creative solutions to support the critical role of housing finance during these uncertain economic times.

Pro Teck has been meeting with key stakeholders and putting alternative programs like VALIDITY in place to provide viable, compliant solutions that address these challenges.

If you are seeing home inspection delays and cancellations impacting the delivery of real estate valuation reports, contact Pro Teck to learn more about VALIDITY.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VALIDITY a website, progressive web app or a mobile app installed on the device?

VALIDITY is implemented as a responsive web application that is optimized for mobile devices. Pro Teck purposely decided against an installed app to drive wider adoption and flexibility with devices.

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How does the homeowner and/or property contact receive the request?

Orders eligible for VALIDITY will generate an email to the appraiser. The appraiser is instructed to call the contact/homeowner at the telephone number provided by the lender.

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How do you know the person is authorized to provide the information?

The lender provides the homeowner contact information with the appraisal order. The appraiser has specific instructions on how to contact the homeowner and is responsible for verifying who will be providing the required information and when the homeowner will complete the inspection.

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Does the user provide an attestation or certification upon submission of the data?

VALIDITY does require that the homeowner or property contact attest that the provided information is representative of their property and condition at time of inspection.

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Do you require location services to be enabled on the device?

VALIDITY recommends that location services be enabled on the device for the photo verification steps and prompts the user to do so. VALIDITY will not stop the homeowner from completing the inspection without location services, but will continually warn them that the photos cannot be validated.

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Are the locations and timestamps for each photos saved?

Yes, provided location services and metadata are enabled on the device taking the picture.

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Do you display the locations on an overhead image of the property showing location of each photo?

Overhead images of properties are typically not detailed enough and lack the dimensional attributes to make this practical. VALIDITY does offer the appraiser a ‘roll over’ mechanism for viewing the metadata (GPS coordinates, map location, photo date).

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How do you prevent the user from spoofing their location?

VALIDITY requires the homeowner to take multiple photos of the exterior of the home, including the property address and street photos to the left and right of the property.

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Do you allow photos from anywhere other than the camera app?

When using a mobile device, the homeowner can only use new photos that have originated on that device. We do provide an option for VALIDITY to be used on a desktop or laptop device to support wider adoption.

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Are you able to detect images used from the web?

Images from the web would lack the proper date stamp and location data, which means they would fail the photo verification and be open to further verification from the appraiser.

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How do you prevent images poor quality images, images taken in poor lighting, etc.?

VALIDITY provides some tips and instructions to the user, but the final acceptance of the photos is the responsibility of the appraiser. If they are not comfortable with quality, they can ask for additional photos.

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What photo verification is done?

Each photo provides verification and flags if there are duplicate photos, photos taken prior to the inspection request, photos taken from a location other than the subject property and photos without metadata.

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Does the appraiser receive the information in a format that can be easily stored in their workfile?

Yes. The appraiser receives a PDF with all of the inspection data, including PDF-friendly versions of the images and all commentary from the homeowner. Additionally, the appraiser can click a link to download a zip file with all of the original image files.

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What security capabilities does VALIDITY offer to mitigate risk?

VALIDITY uses unique, non-sequential appraiser and homeowner link codes that expire after 30 days. Once the homeowner submits their completed inspection they have no access to the report unless the appraiser sends a request for rework.

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Is there an API?

Yes. VALIDITY is a stand-alone application that any party can utilize via the API. It has no dependencies on Pro Teck, so it can be used by appraisers, AMCs, lenders or investors for appraisals Pro Teck may not be involved in.

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Can a lender/investor have a configured instance?

The app is configurable so a lender/investor can configure their own instance with customized question sets, instructions and required photos.

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Is the application designed to be multi-lingual?

Yes, VALIDITY is designed to be multi-lingual.

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