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A Trusted Appraisal Verification Tool

Desktop reviews of prior appraisal and valuation reports are used to verify the quality and accuracy of report information, confirming that the appraiser followed all USPAP guidelines and appraisal requirements. Typically, desktop reviews are performed on three occasions — during the pre-funding review; during post-funding, quality control sampling review; or in the case of loss mitigation or foreclosure.

Desktop reviews are very common and popular, as they typically are performed in-office and require less time and energy than other reviews. To perform a desktop review, an appraiser would re-analyze primarily technical aspects of the appraisal, including:

  • How the appraisal was set up
  • If USPAP standards were followed
  • A secondary data review
  • A reference list of documents

The Pro Teck Difference

Pro Teck prides itself on providing a wide variety of appraisal solutions, including desktop appraisals. With Pro Teck, you will get next-level support by:

  • Using Intelligent Quality Control, our pro-active quality control process leads to more one-touch appraisals.
  • Utilizing a single point of contact — no more being transferred from person to person.

Pro Teck offers appraisal update solutions as part of its suite of residential appraisal products. To learn more about Pro Teck’s appraisal management services, contact us today.

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