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Intelligent Quality Control

Pro Teck introduces Intelligent Quality Control, the solution to enhance appraisal quality by giving appraisers and review staff the data, tools and workflows needed to address issues before an appraisal is submitted.

While tools like Collateral Underwriter are being used post-delivery to identify appraisal risk, Pro Teck’s Intelligent Quality Control presents the needed information to the appraiser earlier so they can correct and comment on any issues before appraisal delivery.

Welcome to the future of proactive appraisal quality control.

Everyone Wants a One-Touch Appraisal, Pro Teck's Intelligent Quality Control Helps Make it Happen

Pro Teck’s proprietary platform was built from the ground up to reduce wasteful communication cycles between appraiser, AMC and client for correction, clarification and confirmation

Examining thousands of appraisals, Pro Teck found that most are disputed due to issues that could have been corrected if the right information was presented at the right time. No one wants to revisit an appraisal weeks after it was completed – Pro Teck’s Intelligent Quality Control fixes issues before submission and documents reasons for exceptions so you can feel confident your appraisal will stand up to scrutiny.


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Intelligent Quality Control - How it Was Built
We started with the best appraisal review tool possible
  • Analyzes appraisals against appraisal industry guidelines and any customized appraisal review rule set, and provides numerical Quality and Complexity scores
  • 2,500+ business rules and USPAP guidelines reviewed, more than 1,300 specific data points analyzed
We built a platform that presents needed data to the appraiser before submission
  • Appraiser facing audit tools and analytics were embedded in Pro Teck's proprietary Appraisal Platform, giving appraisers the insights needed to address any appraisal issues before submission
  • Includes hard-stops and captures appraiser’s explanation to all exceptions identified
We integrated the platform with internal review workflows
  • Review Staff use the same tool during review, creating a paper trail of issues and resolutions on the appraisal file that can be provided for audit or regulator/investor inquiries
  • Captures Review Staff commentary and approval of all exceptions
The Results
  • Pro Teck deliver the cleanest appraisal possible , with documented explanations to exceptions that eliminate wasted cycle times between appraiser, AMC, lender and investor
  • Quality and Complexity scores provided with an Intelligent QC Summary Report, giving the client the opportunity to maximize internal resources by routing higher-risk appraisals to the most experienced staff

Pro Teck’s Intelligent Quality Control is the proactive appraisal review process that flags, documents and resolves appraisal issues pre-delivery

How much time could you save if the majority of issues were caught before submission? How many headaches could you solve if you had a full paper trail to satisfy regulators?


Pro Teck Intelligent Quality Control leads to higher appraisal quality, fewer disputes and shorter turn-times