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A cost-efficient AVM solution

ValueFocus is an AVM with a Property Condition Report that meets all interagency guidelines. It is a cost-efficient solution that is suitable for home equity on lower risk loans per your credit risk policy.

The ValueFocus process:

  • An order is placed and an AVM is generated.
  • Pro Teck uses its national network of real estate brokers to obtain a Property Condition Report (PCR). A PCR report addresses subject and neighborhood conditions, marketability and other influences on market value.
  • The PCR is delivered with the AVM – giving you a value estimate and proof of the property’s condition.

Per Interagency Evaluation and Appraisal guidelines, ValueFocus can only be used if the inspection says the subject property is in “average condition” (this is because the AVM assumes it is). If the subject property is in anything other than “average condition,” you can upgrade to a different Pro Teck product.

Please note, there are validations your institution will need to perform to be able to use a standard AVM for home equity. Also, there are circumstances under which an AVM may not be used. Please refer to your institution’s risk/compliance policy or consult the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines for further reference and clarification.

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