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Wise business decisions require objective risk solutions. Imagine if you could combine the experience of a trained appraiser, full access to all local market data and analytics, and the unbiased consistency of an automated valuation model to arrive at an accurate and defendable valuation. Pro Teck’s proprietary valuation tool CollateralPoint® does just that.

CollateralPoint is the Valuation & Risk Solution Tool for a Changing Market

Delivering an unbiased, reliable and defendable valuation

CollateralPoint® is an appraiser-driven interactive AVM with a Property Condition Report (PCR) designed to bring property conditions and other factors into the value. CollateralPoint® meets interagency guidelines (for both interior and exterior) and delivers the best data and analytics — giving you a more accurate, transparent and defendable value.

A Property Condition Report (PCR) helps the appraiser gain insights into the property’s condition and characteristics. A PCR report addresses subject and neighborhood conditions, marketability and other influences on market value. It is performed by a local real estate professional from Pro Teck’s nationwide BPO panel. The professional takes photos and completes a full inspection of the subject property and neighborhood influences – the PCR can be either exterior-only or interior depending on use.

The PCR is then delivered to an appraiser. The appraiser uses the PCR and market data to choose the most appropriate comparables. The AVM then uses the appraiser’s chosen comps/condition information to develop an accurate, unbiased and supported condition-based market value.

Every CollateralPoint® report includes market data, forecast and market graphs.

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To meet your risk tolerance needs, CollateralPoint is available in two tiers:

CollateralPoint Field
  • Includes exterior inspection and local MLS comp data
CollateralPoint Interior
  • Adds a full interior inspection for the most accurate valuation