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Pro Teck BPOs set the standard for accuracy and timeliness

By utilizing the best real estate professionals and advanced QC tools, our BPOs are right the first time.

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Pro Teck’s national network of brokers/agents have years of experience and are continuously trained by Pro Teck to exceed all BPO standards and guidelines.

Our processes have been perfected thanks to years of experience and millions of BPOs – let us put our knowledge to work for you.

Pro Teck BPOs are used by mortgage lenders, banks and others to value a property in the current real estate market. Uses might include:

  • Refinancing a recent mortgage
  • REO property (Real Estate Owned property)
  • Foreclosures
  • Short sale
  • An addition or a cross check to an appraisal
  • Appeals to get rid of PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance)
  • Due diligence for Financial Institutions
  • A selling/purchase price for a portfolio of home loans (capital markets transaction)

The commonly accepted standards and best practices for BPOs in real estate are the BPO Standards and Guidelines (BPOSG). The BPOSG were established by the BPO Standards Board, which consists of BPO industry leaders, experts and real estate professionals, in conjunction with the National Association of BPO Professionals. These widely accepted BPO standards allow for flexibility in application and ensure ethical and consistent BPO valuations.

Pro Teck’s processes meet or exceed all BPOSG criteria.

BPO standards help maintain high quality valuations by setting clear expectations for brokers/agents conducting BPOs. The BPOSG establish expectations for:

  • Ethical conduct and competency
  • Photo requirements and guidelines
  • Comparable selection and use
  • Definitions and applicability of market, property and neighborhood terms

Pro Teck maintains oversight of its network to ensure that we work only with brokers and agents who have a track record of accurate and efficient BPOs that uphold all BPO standards.

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