Your Go-to AMC Evaluation Guide for Regional Banks and Credit Unions

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Banks of all shapes and sizes should strive to work with an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) that possesses an extensive set of tools and processes, as well as an experienced network of appraisers.

But unlike the large national lenders, today’s regional banks and credit unions also must look for a vendor that possesses a set of similar community values. Finding the right AMC vendor for your institution requires an in-depth analysis of many factors.

This 10-page guide will help you simplify the AMC evaluation process—ensuring you’re asking all the right questions and getting all the best answers from prospective vendors.

This Ebook will help you determine the following:

  • Why AMC’s with a lengthy history and strong reputation in the real estate industry are preferential to vendors created post Dodd-Frank
  • Benefits of working with an AMC with a mature national network of appraisers
  • The importance selecting an AMC with expert knowledge of appraisal regulations and compliance
  • How working with an AMC with a fine-tuned Quality Control process will result in less revisions and overall better turnaround time