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Valuation Blog 4.4.2018
Pro Teck’s Appraisal Desktop with Inspection: An Appraisal Product Designed for Speed, Accuracy and Compliance


Looking for a less costly, more flexible appraisal solution?

Pro Teck’s Appraisal Desktop with Inspection (ADI) is the preferred appraisal solution for some of the top banks and lenders in the world — helping fill the gap for lending institutions in need of something in between an AVM or BPO and a Field Appraisal.

What is ADI?

A cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to traditional 2055 and 1004 type Field Appraisals, Pro Teck’s ADI is both compliant and accurate — as all ADI requests are completed by state credentialed appraisers in adherence with USPAP and FIRREA.

Everything to Know About Pro Teck’s ADI

Benefits of ADI

Pro Teck’s ADI is backed by Intelligent Quality Control, our proactive review process that flags, documents and resolves issues pre-delivery, leading to fewer revisions and more one-touch reports.

Other benefits include:

  • It’s compliant and accurate. ADI is completed by an in-state, licensed/competent appraiser in compliance with USPAP standards. Our ADI meets all inter-agency evaluation and appraisal guidelines.
  • It’s flexible. With the option to add either an exterior or interior inspection, ADI provides a high quality yet flexible alternative to traditional appraisals, with shorter turn times and lower costs.
  • It’s fast. Lenders need these valuations quickly. Our ADI lead time is less than five business days.
  • It’s economical. Today’s lenders need cost effective, appraiser-driven property valuations – ADI is the natural choice.

Available in every state, ADI is a smart solution for HELOC, loan securitization and other instances where there’s a need for a lower cost, Interagency (IAG) compliant alternative to a traditional appraisal. Common use cases include:

  • Origination. Pro Teck’s ADI is a timely and affordable home valuation that is perfect for home equity lenders to use in instances where a full appraisal is not required by Law, Risk or Regulation.
  • Servicing. Pro Teck’s ADI is the preferred alternative for loan servicing — most notably when credit risk policies require more than a BPO. It is also the preferred alternative to an Evaluation in states that require market value to be provided by a licensed or certified appraiser.
  • Capital Market. When buying or selling pools of loans, many of our clients use a “waterfall” approach, using a combination of AVMs, BPOs and ADIs to confirm the value of the underlying asset.

Pro Teck’s ADI gives you access to all the same data you’re accustomed to seeing in a full field appraisal — data such as subject property inspection, subject condition, appraiser selected comparables, photos, adjustments and full appraiser reconciliation commentary.

With over 40 years experience working with the nation’s top banking institutions, Pro Teck has the people, resources and processes to deliver your desktop appraisal needs. Pro Teck’s Appraiser Partner Network extends to all 50 states and is filled with seasoned appraisal partners who are consistently recognized as being among the best in the industry.

To learn more about ADI and Pro Teck’s full suite of real estate valuation products, click here to schedule a demo.