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Pro Teck Valuation Services Announces New REO-to-Rental Analytics Suite

Pro Teck Valuation Services today announced the availability of a new suite of data and analytics for investors to better assess the value of turning Real Estate Owned (REO) properties into rental housing as investments.

The new REO-to-Rental Analytics Suite provides granular data and analytics on REOs, market rents and yields, market drivers and forecasts, and property information to help determine which properties would be the safest and most profitable candidates to turn into viable rental investments.

“The abundance of foreclosed homes, a 35 percent decline in home values since the 2006 peak, and a strong rental market has led investors to look at REO-to-Rental as a solid investment opportunity. We’ve seen many astute investors acquire REOs that can earn a positive rental income in the short term with a longer term exit strategy to sell for a profit when home prices appreciate,” said Tom O’Grady, CEO of Pro Teck Valuation Services. “Pro Teck developed the REO-to-Rental Analytics Suite to support investors who are looking for tools to help them make informed decisions.”

The REO-to-Rental Analytics Suite can help answer:

  •     What the property is currently worth
  •     The current condition of the property and the cost of any needed repairs
  •     Expected neighborhood rents and rental yields
  •     Current neighborhood market trends (Foreclosure activity, inventory, DOM, price trends, etc.)
  •     Forecasted neighborhood appreciation

“By combining all of these features, investors have the ability to identify the strongest REO-to-Rental investment opportunities and make informed, market-based decisions in one stop,” added O’Grady. “The REO-to-Rental Analytics Suite helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of a property and the local market to help make the best investment possible.”

For more information about the REO-to-Rental Analytics Suite or for national, regional or metro level housing data tailored to meet your specific needs, please contact your Pro Teck Sales Representative or email your inquiry to