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Pro Teck knows that a valuation company is only as credible as the people doing the field work, that’s why we’re proud to partner with only the best real estate professionals in the country. We are always searching for skilled appraisers, brokers and agents who share our passion for accuracy, transparency and superior customer service.

Pro Teck is now a proud member of the Stewart family of companies. Stewart acquired Pro Teck to bolster its appraisal and valuation offerings, which has resulted in a partnership that combines the financial stability of a publicly traded company with the hands-on, personalized service Pro Teck is known for.

Pro Teck offers:

  • Weekly pay and direct deposit.
  • Dedicated Partner Relations staffers who are always available for assistance and support, even when you’re in the field.
  • Preferred program for exclusive coverage of your territory.
  • Access to our leading efficiency tools Intelligent Quality Control (IQC) and Integrated Market Data (IMD) that help Partners create more accurate reports faster, reducing the number of revisions and streamlining process.
  • Competitive fees and the ability for you to set up your own fee schedule.
  • Multiple products offerings and clients in all market segments (origination, home equity, servicing and capital markets), meaning steady business no matter the market shift.
  • Robust order volume with Stewart’s combined industry presence.

Stewart’s vision is to be a major force in the valuation industry by leveraging the exemplary service Pro Teck has been delivering since 1977. Stewart’s support paired with Pro Teck’s industry leading service and intelligent tools will lead to a mutually beneficial relationship that helps everyone accomplish their goals.

Have a question or want to learn more? Tap the red chat window at the bottom-right to speak directly to a Partner Relations Specialist.

*Note: Pro Teck’s application works best with either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers. If you have any technical issues, please email


Why should I work with Pro Teck?

To put it simply, Pro Teck wants to help your business be successful. All AMC’s have orders, proprietary software and clients, but not every AMC has people dedicated to ensuring that their valuation partners are set up for success.

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What is the recruiting process?

Pro Teck’s strategy is to maintain top-tier Partners in all geographies.

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What is the application process?

After you click the Join our Network link, you will be asked to fill out an application, take and pass a knowledge assessment quiz and upload needed documents (license information, proof of insurance, tax documents, etc.).

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Do I need to complete a background check?

Some of Pro Teck’s clients have made background checks mandatory, others have no preference. You can sign up either way, but you may have fewer work opportunities without one.

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How often do you pay?

Pro Teck’s recent acquisition by Stewart (NYSE-STC) has given us the ability to accelerate Partner payments, meaning you will get paid within five business days for the important work you do. With Direct Deposit all work completed by Friday will be paid by the following Tuesday.

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What tools does Pro Teck have to help Partners?

Pro Teck’s Intelligent Quality Control (IQC) and Integrated Market Data (IMD) are productivity tools that help Partners be more efficient, leaving more time for analysis.

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What is the Preferred Program?

Pro Teck’s Preferred program gives you near-exclusive coverage of your territory. Orders go directly to you (up to your capacity), allowing you to focus on your business, not wasting valuable time managing invites.

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What are your fees?

Pro Teck offers competitive fees, and constantly studies the market to make sure our fees align with going market rates. We also encourage feedback from our partners and for you to set up your own fee schedule.

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