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Servicing has seen tremendous change over the last fifteen years – with the housing meltdown came a flood of foreclosures, government programs, and regulatory and investor oversight. Tightened credit policy after the crash led to fewer delinquencies, but now the economic toll of COVID-19 is impacting the industry.

So what makes a great valuation partner: Quality? Turn-time? Regulatory compliance? Detailed reporting? Technology that improves your efficiency?

All of the above and more?

Pro Teck has been a trusted partner to the servicing industry for decades – let us help you today

Pro Teck is your partner that can deliver

We've built a reputation of quality and responsiveness, protecting our clients from risk and bringing greater efficiency to the valuation process

Pro Teck helped guide the largest servicers through the past housing crisis – we can help you obtain actionable real estate valuations during the current COVID-19 crisis.

Things have changed in the industry, the oversight and cost to service are higher than ever. To protect your assets, especially in these uncertain times, you need quality reports and informative market data delivered according to your SLA. Pro Teck knows regulations and compliance inside and out, we offer quality control that is second to none, a national network of real estate partners trained to our exacting specifications, technology that makes your team more efficient and a relationship managed through a single point-of-contact to ensure we are responsive to your needs.

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Products and Services of Interest

  • The Pro Teck BPO, built to meet your exacting needs
  • Interagency Guideline compliant evaluations
Desktop Appraisals
  • Appraisal Desktop with Inspection (ADI), a cost effective market value when a greater degree of certainty is needed
Field Appraisals
  • Establish a market value
  • AVMs and data general portfolio valuation

For every regulatory change, Pro Teck is documenting the impact to your business and delivering proactive solutions.

Our business is residential real estate valuation - it is our sole focus. Learn how Pro Teck's singular vision is helping clients better manage risk and compliance in today's complex regulatory environment.

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