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Capital Markets

Many lessons have been learned from the fallout of the housing crisis, and the resulting regulation and improved risk policies are having positive impacts. Capital market players need a valuation partner with an established reputation among buyers, sellers and rating agencies. A partner who can facilitate deals by delivering quality results on time, every time.

Pro Teck will help you finalize the deal by providing accurate, timely and actionable information

What good is a partner if they can't deliver a value conclusion?

What if your partner can't place an order? Pro Teck's national network, powerful tools and comprehensive training mean you get the actionable information you need.

From tighter origination underwriting standards to an increase in due diligence requirements in the secondary market, much has changed in the last five years. Today’s best practices in Capital Markets collateral valuation due diligence ensure that inflated or unsupported values are identified and appropriately dealt with on the front end, providing the investor with reliable loan-to-value data.

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Products and Services of Interest
Appraisal Risk Review (ARR)
  • Enhanced appraisal desk review for loans being purchased through a conduit or in securitizations
  • For un-seasoned loans less than 12 months
  • Rating agency approved
Appraisal Desktop with Inspection
  • Securitization of seasoned loans
  • Whole loan sales
  • BPO alternative performed by an appraiser
  • Securitization of seasoned loans
  • Whole loan sales
Field Appraisals
  • Full suite of field appraisals when escalating complex properties
Data & Analytics
  • Portfolio and loan pool automated collateral valuation due diligence
Pro Teck's Solutions for Non-Performing and Re-Performing Loans

Check out our video on Pro Teck's 5 products to consider when valuing the underlying assets in NPL/RPL pools.

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