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Valuation Blog 6.4.2019

Pro Teck’s Appraisal Desktop with Inspection (ADI) is getting a facelift along with new and improved functionality.

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To reduce errors and provide more time for analysis, Pro Teck productivity tools are bringing the most-needed information into an intelligent valuation form.

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Valuation Blog 5.16.2018

Non-performing and re-performing loans (NPLs/RPLs) have become an attractive asset in today’s market — often offering financial incentives to buyers looking for opportunities through active loan s

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Valuation Blog 4.4.2018

Looking for a less costly, more flexible appraisal solution?
Pro Teck’s Appraisal Desktop with Inspection (ADI) is the preferred appraisal solution for some of the top banks and lenders in th

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Valuation Blog 9.21.2017

We at Pro Teck have been watching with dismay the destruction caused during this hurricane season. Our thoughts are with all those affected.

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Valuation Blog 9.15.2017

Getting a non- or re-performing loan (NPL/RPL) off your books and freeing up available capital is a common practice for lending institutions today — especially those looking to rid themselves of ser

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Valuation Blog 9.12.2017

Today, smart institutions are using multiple home equity valuation solutions to meet differing loan risk profiles.

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Valuation Blog 5.17.2017

The Securities and Exchange Commission is probing home values in private equity bond deals, investigating if certain BPOs used to value the underlying assets were unjustly inflated

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Does your organization have an internal scorecard to rate the Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) it does business with?
If not, do your AMCs at least provide you with monthly metrics to better gaug

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