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BPO with IMD

Our BPO form now integrates MLS and public data directly into the BPO form to help streamline your workflow and save you valuable time as you complete your Pro Teck broker price opinions.

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Comparables – New Integrated Market Data feature!

The Comparables section has been enhanced to now display available MLS, market and public data that you can use to provide sales and listing comparables for the subject property.

Comparables Map

The numbered icons in the map correspond to the ID number of the available property. Click on any numbered icon to display available market data for the associated property.

Attribute Filters

When you open the BPO form, a query to the market data source is executed, and displays properties according to the default filter set. You can modify any of filters and click Display to generate a different set of properties, which display below in the Property Grid.

MLS Data Source

The source(s) of the MLS information displayed in the Comparables section displays beneath the attribute filters.

Property Grid

The grid contains all the properties available in our market data source that are similar to the subject property. The blue rows represent properties in the area that have been sold, and the green listings represent the current listings, all relative to the subject property.

Click any of the properties in the grid to display a MLS fly-out, which contains the properties’ available MLS and market data. Click the to close the fly-out window.

If the selected property is currently on the market (a listing), click the MLS Datasheet link to display the full MLS listing information for it.

Adding Comparables

You can add your selected Sales and Listing comparables to your BPO in either of three ways:

  •  Drag and drop the property into the appropriate Comparables slot from the properties grid: 
  • Select the appropriate Comparables slot from the MLS information in the MLS flyout:

Click  to enter a comparable by MLS number or by its address. Note: The Add Address button to add a Sales comparables is in the Sales Comparable section. The Add Address button to add a listing comparable by MLS is in the Listing Comparables section.

After adding a property to a comparable slot, all of the available MLS and market information is automatically populated in its corresponding fields. Be sure to review all auto-populated data to ensure its accuracy.

Removing Comparables

Any sales or listing comparable can be removed, along with all of its auto-populated data, by clicking the X in the summary row of sales and listing comparables, beneath the Attribute filters.


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The Subject section contains information about the subject property. If you have already scheduled an inspection, the Date of Inspection field is automatically populated for you from the Partner Portal.

If APN, tax, and other public information about the subject property is available in our integrated market dataset, those fields are automatically populated. Be sure to review and edit any of the data that is automatically populated as appropriate.

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The Neighborhood section contains information about the subject property’s neighborhood. If market data is available in our integrated market dataset, those fields will be automatically populated. Be sure to review and edit any of the data that is automatically populated as appropriate.


Subject Transaction History

The Subject Transaction History section automatically displays the transaction history of the subject property within the past three years. If the earliest transaction date is greater than three years, the section may appear blank. Be sure to review data that is automatically populated and/or enter information as appropriate.

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The Condition/Repairs section lets you provide information about the subject property’s condition, the presence of health or safety issues, and if repairs are necessary. In the fields provided, you can add your comments. Repair photos can be uploaded to the BPO by clicking the Photos/Files menu item and identifying them as repair photos.


Red Flags

The Red Flags section lets you indicate if their are issues related to the subject property that would affect its marketability.

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Set Adjustment Auto-Calculation

Adjustments to the most common features in the comparison grid must be done using the Adjustments Calculator. The calculator provides an easy way to make these adjustments quickly, accurately and consistently.

To make an adjustment, simply enter the dollar values that you want applied to each of the adjustable features. You must enter a value for every field in the calculator (except Living Area/ Bedroom count, where you must choose between them).

Enter 0 for any feature you do NOT want to adjust.

Once the adjustment Calculator has applied the adjustments, you will then be able to manually override the applied values in the grid, but you are strongly advised against this. If it is necessary, you must explain your reasoning in commentary.

Adjustments for features that are not in the calculator (for example View) are made directly in the grid.

Price Opinion


Broker Certification


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