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BPOs (Broker Price Opinions) are onsite valuations performed by real estate brokers. Obtaining quality BPOs is crucial to many property sales processes. BPO valuations are typically ordered by the financial institution that is handling the sale, foreclosure or other process. We approach every valuation with your needs in mind. Pro Teck offers every industry standard BPO valuation report, and we can custom configure BPO reports to meet your particular needs.

A financial institution may order a BPO value for:

  • – REO property (Real Estate Owned property)
  • – Foreclosures
  • – Short sale
  • – Home equity loans
  • – Diligence for financial institutions
  • – A selling/purchase price for a portfolio of home loans
  • – All submitted BPO valuation reports are carefully reviewed against a set of comparable sales data that includes sale dates, location, style, age, condition, dwelling and lot size. When merited, reports also include addendums detailing exceptions and how they may affect valuation and risk.


Pro Teck delivers BPO valuation reports through our network of highly experienced brokers. All of our network members hold all of the necessary certifications, as well as a track record of timely and accurate reports. Our system is configured such that the best and most efficient brokers rise to the top, while less timely or accurate brokers filter out of the system quickly. We manage our network closely. Any brokers that are found to be delivering poor quality BPO reports are expelled from our system, while the best brokers will continue to receive more and more requests as BPOs are ordered in their territory. As a result, our core network includes some of the best BPO brokers in the nation.

If you are a broker interested in doing BPO valuation reports for Pro Teck, we encourage you to join our vendor network. We regard our vendor network as an integral part of our team, and together we are committed to providing the highest quality BPOs, property inspections and other real estate valuations to our clients. We value the services you provide and believe that we can build a mutually beneficial relationship.

Pro Teck’s Broker/Agent Network is at the heart of our valuation services delivery promise. If you are a licensed Broker or Agent with strong valuation experience who would like to perform BPOs and other field valuations for Pro Teck, please join us.

To join our vendor network, please complete our signup form. In the sign-up we will ask you for applicable licenses, geographic service territory, references, tax and other information. Once you are approved you will start receiving email alerts when there are BPOs or other field valuations available in your area.