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Pro Teck valuation services offers a suite of Automated Valuation Model products that can be customized to fit each client’s individual business rules and tolerance levels. We specialize in risk mitigation for residential home values, and we’ll provide a valuation solution that is tailored to support financially sound credit risk and portfolio due diligence strategies.

AVM property valuations leverage market data to arrive at a home value. A typical Automated Valuation Model includes factors such as:

  • – Indicative market value for many residential properties nationwide.
  • – Tax assessor’s indication of value, if available.
  • – Information on a subject property and recent sales history.
  • – Comparable sales analysis of like properties.


Many types of Automated Valuation Models can be generated at a very low cost. Because they rely solely on data, AVM property valuations run less risk of fraud than some valuation solutions.

AVMs are particularly useful in assessing the value of a property portfolio, for REOs or other investment property portfolios. Using an automated model can also be useful for valuing an individual property where the provider can deliver a suitable level of accuracy.

AVMs are not a suitable solution in all cases—sometimes the improved accuracy of a BPO or appraisal is necessary. However, the low cost of an Automated Valuation Model makes it a good starting point for the valuation process, and especially useful when a large number of valuations are required.

Pro Teck AVMs can be tailored to fit each client. We can help you understand market trends, forecasts and values, from a national level down to a specific neighborhood and property using the automated valuation model. We offer the following AVM home value products:

  • – Collateral Analytics (CA) Value AVM
  • – CA Value Range AVM
  • – CA Interactive AVM
  • – Home Value Explorer (HVE)
  • – PASS®
  • – HPA®
  • – Powerbase® 6.0
  • – Valuepoint® 4


If you need AVM property valuation services for a portfolio of properties, Pro Teck Valuation Services can tailor a solution that fits you and your needs. Contact us today to learn more.