CollateralPoint®, a “best of both worlds” solution that combines an objective, system-generated valuation with Staff Appraiser expertise and oversight.

Wise business decisions require objective risk solutions. Imagine combining the experience of a trained appraiser, full access to all local market data and analytics, and the unbiased consistency of an automated valuation model to arrive at an accurate and defensible valuation. CollateralPoint® does just that.

CollateralPoint® takes comprehensive collateral, market demographic and economic data and then factors in multiple industry-accepted valuation methods that are reviewed and adjusted by a seasoned appraiser. Both the quantitative and qualitative information are then fed into CollateralPoint®’s valuation engine that produces the most objective and accurate valuation on the market.

The valuation produced is unbiased, reliable and defensible.

collateral point

All CollateralPoint® valuations are the result of a filler-adjust-weigh methodology utilizing multiple distinct and proven valuation processes.

Every CollateralPoint® report includes:

  • Full data summary
  • Fraud and risk indicators for the subject and market
  • Map/satellite imagery of subject property and comps

To meet your risk tolerance needs, CollateralPoint® is available in three tiers:

  1. CollateralPoint® Desk: Desktop Valuation with the added strength of local MLS comp data
  2. CollateralPoint® Field: Adds a full exterior inspection for even greater accuracy
  3. CollateralPoint® Interior: Adds a full interior inspection for the most accurate valuation

When you need an accurate value and risk assessment in origination, secondary market, capital markets or servicing, CollateralPoint® delivers the utmost in reliable, defensible results.

CollateralPoint® Field meets the Interagency Appraisal and Valuation Guidelines