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residential real estate experts


Home Value Forecast: Population Growth Impact on Home Values

Last month the United States Census Bureau released its Cumulative Estimates of Resident Population Change and Ranking: April 1, Read More

Is Population Growth a Strong Indicator of Home Prices? Pro Teck’s Home Value Forecast Examines Population Growth Impact on Home Values

The Villages in Florida, Midland and Austin, Texas have seen strong population growth and rising home prices; California metros Read More
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Residential Real Estate Valuation Experts

Pro Teck is the residential real estate valuation expert. Since 1977, our sole focus has been to provide customers with the most accurate and timely real estate information possible.

We believe that the best real estate information starts and ends with you getting exactly what's required to make informed decisions. To deliver to your needs we have assembled the best tools, people and processes in the business. What sets us apart is we will listen to your business challenges and configure a solution to meet your individual requirements.

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Home Value Forecast

Home Value Forecast: Population Growth Impact on Home Values
Home Value Forecast: Industrial Diversity Helps Keep Home Prices Stable
Analyzing Multiple Indicators Vital to Determining the Health of a Real Estate Market
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